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Identify trend reversal

How to identify trend reversal ahead of the crowd?

Trading against the crowd is a better choice if you clearly know what you are doing. The reason is simple – the momentum of the trade will be far better when you trade against the trend. But in order to do that, you have to identify trend reversal ahead of the crowd and take a position.

‘Trend is Friend’- That’s true. But, at times, a friend can betray and backstab you too. We are just going to help you identify those moments and help you be an early bird on an amazing ride.

When most people get to know that they are wrong, panic kicks in. They will close out their positions in a hurry. Many even reverse their positions, after booking loss, in order to recover their loss.

That’s when you see the beautiful sights of Eiffel towers in the chart. One such example is the below trade in USD/CAD.

Identify trend reversal USDCAD

But you can’t enter this kind of skyscrapers at the midway. You have to catch up on the ground floor itself. That’s why you have to go premium.

Look at the below analysis of USD/CAD. We gave an advice to our traders on how the sentiment and movement will be based on longer time frames, a day prior to this rocket move. Then on getting clear cues in shorter time frames, we intimated the users of a perfect entry point. A perfect entry point transformed to perfect trade. That’s the power of premium analysis.

Similarly, if there are changes in trend, we update the users and avert them from huge losses. If possible, we would advise a counter-trade too.

We have a psych in our team too who foretells the future with pinpoint accuracy 🙂 . Look how our vision turned out.

Identify trend reversal - EURUSD ABCDE corrective wave

This is a very complex ABCDE corrective wave which nobody- among trading fraternity, had any clue, whatsoever. But we analyzed it with top-notch accuracy. The movements-troughs and peaks were exactly just like we described.

A trade opportunity in the shorter time frames updated during the complex waves.

EUR USD Elliot wave in short term

These are just a few recent examples of our recent performance. But the most important aspect of the premium analysis is that we take technical and fundamental factors into consideration and so the chance of failure is so minuscule.

Sometimes we don’t we give a trade idea for a day or two but when we do give, it will be a 240 pip trade just like this.

Identify trend reversal with Bearish gartley

Just like we said in the beginning. Trading against and ahead of the crowd can be more profitable. But that’s not as easy as it looks. It takes years of experience which we possess. Hence, take our helping hand, join premium analysis and be a stand out from the crowd.

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If you do want more proof, contact our support team, they will be help you out.