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Range Band Is one of the most popular Metatrader based indicator
Visual Depiction by Arrows and Histogram makes the Range Band a very useful indicator to identify the low point and high point range

Is Range band that good?

Hey, don’t take it from us! Hear out from the early users who have used it and got amazed.

This has been a great tool initially i thought its bit expensive and i am one of their old users using their signal analysis app for long time this is one of their best development keep up

— Zaur Nasha

Frankly speaking, This indicator deserves 10,000 $. the best trend prediction, even when its wrong the SL is low. Traderpulse support is fast as always.

— Alexander volk

My live account results are amazing Kudos to trader pulse for selling this tool, its not 100% perfect but for sure you can make money with this bang bang

— Domteo

Anatomy of Range BAND

Range Band calculates tradable range within the particular pair which it is applied to. This range calculation is a preparatory formula owned by Traderpulse INC.


The range calculation takes into account more than 15 different factors like Monthly range, Weekly range, Daily range, Hourly range, Min based range, Volatility range, Panic Range and so on. By doing the range calculation continuously, the system looks for the lowest point to indicate BUY signals using the green arrow. Similarly, it looks for the highest range point to indicate the SELL signal by the red arrow.


On the technical side, the range band processes numerous calculations every millisecond and we make it very simple by showing arrow points and a histogram. No more confusion, trader!

“The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”

— Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Pro features

Check out some of the awesome features you’ll find in RANGE BAND

Precise entry points
Advanced histogram view
Overall Trend View
Buy-Sell indication
Multi time frame in one window
Customizable Inputs
Order status
Instant mobile alerts

What makes Range Band different from other tools in the market?

  • Entry at the beginning of the candle is based not on the close of the previous candle. So, you can take the trade as soon as you see the signal & there is no need to wait for the closing candle.
  • Signal does not repaint like most of the indicators out in the market
  • No Blinking of the arrows, the clean signal only
  • Trend is clearly visible through Histogram
  • It works on any instrument & Any Time Frame

Maximize the potential of Advanced Supply & Demand

Imagine the improvement you get in your trading if you could pinpoint the exact trigger point of entry or target! Built on new underlying algorithms which makes it easier to identify imbalances between buyers and seller, from which the entry is calculated


It is a new formula of supply and demand which is inherited within the Range band to make it more powerful


The supply and demand zones are used as an alert trigger for all the entry points, which is generated from the Range band. This is very useful to cut losses as minimum as possible


There are several indicators which only have Supply & Demand formula into it. But in Range Band, we use this along with range formulation to get the best out of any instrument you trade with.

Feature Highlights

A must needed features for every pro trader.

Features Available
Multi-timeframe display
Summary panel
Multi-timeframe trend analysis
Advanced level Detection
Alerts on terminal
Alerts on mobile directly to meta trader app

Top reviews from initial users



“Awesome indicator, a must for any supply demand trader…… thanks for the developers for traderpulse.”

– Thomas Butler

Expensive but worthy!


“Expensive tool for me but its really worthy kindly offer part payment scheme to people who cannot afford.”

– Akbar

Professional tool


“Thank you traderpulse team, I have searched for a very long time for a professional tool and wasted so much money but for sure after trying Range band for a week it’s amazing if SUPPLY and Demand is a serious component in trading you should go for this no other choice in this fx world.”

– FX Samsur

King of all


“Muti-Time frame Functionality ! king of all features this is also works with combination of SAR with me Well done keep this updated Stay blessed”

– jam Schubert

Go for it Scalpers!


“I use this tool for scalping but its not made for than i know 😞 but its working for me folks then what one of the best purchase for me.”

– Luiz Thu

Great support and service


“I have never seen a better Tool, smooth in Mt5 very good developers and their support is great. FIVE STARS!!!”

– Win Dom

“There is a huge difference between a good trade and good trading.” – Steve Burns

Range band will power you up with good trading system.

If you want to be successful forex trader and be a pro in trading this tool can be the gateway towards that


Here’s why…


Firstly, this isn’t like any other tool or indicator out in the market. But comes with battle-hardened tactics inbuilt in it.


Our 24×7 Support is the rockstar, which answers your queries instantly. Just Ping our LIVE Chat and check the efficiency of the service.


This Range band tool keeps your emotions separate from trading. As it is precise in its entry and exit.


Range band gives you a proper trading plan and you can always adhere to it.


Even when you encounter loss in trades, it can compensate you as you know, the loss is part of the trading process.


Range band will keep up with the market for 24 hours and relieves you.


Using the Range Band, you can avoid overtrading but still make a good profit. Range Band can control your risk in the best way possible.

BUY NOW at $289 Only

Trading has its nuances and requires as much art as science to execute successfully, Range Band can be with you for this.