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Great Event Doesn’t Happen Often. By providing great opportunities the great event paves the way for your greater endeavors

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Who Can Exhibit in FineAns logo Expo?

It’s open to everyone related with Financial industries like Forex brokers, Stock brokers, Forex or Stock trading software provider, Financial SaaS company, Financial Consultancy, Investment firms, Signals providers, Copy traders and so on.

More than 1000’s of traders at different levels of experience participate in the expo and it would be a good deal for the companies which want to do business with high volume of traders.


Conferences - Forum of Brainy People

Right Opportunity to meet right people and to gather the right knowledge

In the FineAns conferences, like-minded enthusiasts are waiting to share their experiences and what you gain will benefit your new ventures. You might be at the start-up stage or a middle-level entrepreneur seeking opportunities or an expert. FineAns Expo is for everyone who is interested in Forex trading.


Exhibitions - Well Organised Presentation

FineAns Expo sets to traverse the forex world where the potential is not yet tapped

Sri Lanka is one of the developing countries where the forex market is not yet explored. We get you the potential investors and the required expertise to launch your business here. Providing you, ‘one day house’ is not our business. It’s helping you see the success in your future endeavors. Welcome. Let’s Succeed Together.


Awards - The Honor You Deserve

FineAns awards tell the world the new things you tried and your achievements

Every participant will get an award. In the business circle, the award will have the value to flaunt your meeting with the brainy people and the new opportunities you got. Many awards await to adorn the right people like The Best Sponsor, The Best Participant, The Best Speaker, and The Innovator.

Eminent Speakers You’d Meet

Hear from the thought leaders and fill your mind with valuable ideas.

Yet to be disclosed
Know the Novel Ideas & Current Trends

The modern tools ease the way you do your business. The new ideas get you ahead in your business sphere. It’s the place to know everything new.

Topic: The Speed

The pace with which global businesses travel is everybody’s guess today. Cope with the speed, move ahead and be successful.

Meet the best brains in a single place

Know current tools & trends

Get valuable idea sharing

Topic: The Opportunity

Do you deny if you are in face to face meeting with the huge opportunity? The untapped potential?

Best opportunity in a package

Huge market and untapped potential

Right place & Potential Customers

Topic: The Gain

If you calculate your income in days, you will accomplish ‘the work of many days to come’ in this single day.

Srilanka is a fast-growing economy

Multinationals doing great business here

Forex trading is only at the budding state

Knowledge Sharing From Experts Around the World

Don’t view this expo as a one-day gala event. The knowledge you gain, the interactions you have and the potential customers you meet will have a tremendous impact on your forex business and we are here to help you with our expertise.


Meet Our Sponsors

The sponsors are well-known name in the business circle and having them is our delight









Can’t Miss Shangri-La

It’s a familiar name in the hospitality industry. You’ll appreciate the venue and the world class convenience. You can book your stay here. Stay and experience FineAns, the Best Business Opportunity!

Galle Face, Colombo 2, 1 Colombo - Galle - Hambantota - Wellawaya Hwy, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka


The Grand Layout

The perfect floor plan with convenient space for free interaction and the best viewership


Fair participants

The participants who are going to be the part of the success here and hereafter.

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Act now to book your stall. Contact us to enquire about your needs and get all your questions cleared.

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